Express Yourself at Work With a Glass, Emoji Paperweight - DIY

Last year I made my first emoji paperweight as a gift for a close friend.  These cute, digital icons are always scattered throughout her texts, so I designed a paperweight that features the one emoji that had become synonymous with her.  (Just in case you're wondering, it didn't resemble a brown, squishy substance.)

Most of the emoji merchandise you find in stores ranks high on the tacky scale.  Using our glass paperweight kits (available at PhotoWeights.com), you can create an emoji paperweight that's worthy of the corner office.

This is an easy project that involves sizing your emoji artwork to fit the display area of the paperweight style you've chosen.  Once the artwork is sized to fit, simply print your artwork onto high quality photo paper.  Our assembly instructions will guide you through the remaining steps.

Your emoji paperweight can include a single, large icon (as shown in the photo).  You can also create a collage of smaller icons or use a series of icons to form a message.


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