Create a Pet Memorial Paperweight

Pet memorial keepsakes are becoming more and more popular.  This doesn't surprise me.  They're a lovely way to combine the photo of a beloved pet with a written sentiment.  They also make thoughtful gifts for a friend or family member who has lost a four-legged friend.

The artwork for this paperweight was created in Publisher.  You can use a variety of other publishing programs to create a similar layout.

When I'm creating a design on my computer, I like to start by drawing an outline that's the same size and shape of the paperweight's display area (as shown above).  I'm using PhotoWeights' Heirloom Rectangle Paperweight Kit, so the box is 3 11/16" x 2 1/4".  (Tip: Use your program's ruler feature to easily size your outline.)

I separated my design into two areas; one for the photo and the other for text.
I added a woodgrain background to my design.  The background image was sized slightly larger than the red box before the red box was removed.

Before you print the final copy of your artwork, print a draft version to make certain all elements of your design will fit within your paperweight's display area.

Use a Display Area Template to create a cut line you can follow to trim your artwork.

After my artwork was cut, I used a craft punch to create the opening for the photo.  I must have at least 10-15 craft punches in my arsenal of supplies.  Most craft stores will carry these in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The photo for the design was sized to fit within the photo opening before it was printed.

After the photograph was trimmed to fit, it was taped to the reverse side of the design.

The adhesive side of the mounting board was placed over the completed artwork.

I prefer to use craft punches to frame photos because it gives the design some authentic depth and shadowing around the image. If you'd like to simplify things, you can add a photo directly to your layout and print everything as one piece.

I placed the artwork face-down into the recessed area of the paperweight.  (Always clean your paperweight with streak-free glass cleaner before completing this step.)

The final step was to cover the base of the paperweight with the black velour pad that comes with each PhotoWeights kit.

I hope this post will give you some new ideas on how to incorporate photos and text into your paperweight designs.

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