Miniature Sushi Captured Within a Dome Paperweight - Wasabi and Chop Sticks Included!

During one of my recent shopping sprees on Etsy, I came across a shop called Teeny Imperfections.  It's owned by Lisa Schrecengost, a miniature food artist.  She offers all sorts of handmade creations that include brownies, nachos, fried chicken, fruit, and cupcakes.

The miniature that really grabbed my attention was sushi on a wooden plank - complete with wasabi, ginger, and a pair of chopsticks.  I immediately thought, "That would make an incredible paperweight!"  I have to admit I also got a little hungry.  Don't they look real?  You can almost taste the wasabi.

All of Lisa's work is personally made by her to order.  She also takes special orders, and can create just about any food you'd like.

For the sample paperweight I used the Heirloom Dome (PhotoWeights: Heirloom Dome).  The background the miniature was adhered to is textured, green paper.

If you order a miniature for one of your paperweight projects, be sure to let Lisa know how small to make it.

Teeny Imperfections on Etsy:


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