Glass Paperweight Finished with a Vintage Thread Card

Last month I purchased a small assortment of vintage thread cards at an antique shop that recently opened a few towns away.  I thought I'd use one in a project to show you just how easy it is to design and create paperweights that display a single object.

These instructions may be followed if your working with other types of objects.  Just be sure the items aren't too thick to fit into the bottom recess measurement of your paperweight kit.

I used the Round Paperweight Kit for this project (available at PhotoWeights.com) because I thought it was just the right shape for displaying a round thread card.  For the background, I chose decorative grid paper because it reminded me of the old cutting board my mom used for her sewing patterns.

After I placed the self-adhesive mounting board (included with each paperweight kit) onto the back of the grid paper, I used a pair of scissors to trim any paper that extended beyond the edge of the board.

The thread card was glued directly to the mounting board, making sure the tail end of the thread was tucked underneath and held in place by the glue.

If you're working with an item that has some value, including sentimental value, you may want to take better care when it comes to affixing it to the mounting board.  If you don't want an item to be ruined if you ever decide to remove it from the paperweight, consider the use of non-permanent glue or mounting tape.  Some items may also be held to the card with wire that passes through holes punched through the mounting board.

To add a little extra touch to the design, I placed a needle through the thread.

After the glue has dried completely, place your design face down into the recessed area on the bottom of the paperweight.

Some types of glue release chemicals during the drying process.  If your glue isn't completely dry before you assemble your paperweight, you may end up with a cloudy film inside the glass.

Apply the self-adhesive bottom pad (also included with each paperweight kit) over the base of the paperweight.

You're finished!


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