Hearts & Buttons Paperweights

This "Hearts & Buttons" paperweight is easy to create with a few inexpensive supplies from your local craft store.  It's also a project a child can complete (with an adult's help) so they can make heir own, extra-special Valentine's Day gifts.

I used PhotoWeights' Heirloom Rectangle Paperweight Kit for this paperweight (click for product info.)  The design was inspired by a package of paper Valentine's Day frames (Recollections 309474, Michaels Crafts) that were reminiscent of the Valentines I passed out in grade school years and years ago.

The first step in creating this paperweight is to cover the self-adhesive mounting board (included in the paperweight kit) with background paper.  I used a scrap of textured scrapbook paper in a soft shade of pink.  As you can see in the photo above, the black mounting board is fairly think.  This makes it a perfect cutting guide when you trim around the outside edge.

Because I want the frame to lay flat when I glue it to the mounting board, I removed this paper "pocket" on the reverse side that was meant to hold a photo.

The frame had an added embellishment along the bottom that was held in place with two small squares of adhesive foam.  I removed it because it was much too large for this particular design. (Another piece to add to my scrap collection.)

Your photograph can be attached to the back of the frame with glue or tape, whichever you prefer.  After the photo is mounted in the frame, apply a moderate amount of glue to the area on the reverse side that will come into contact with the mounting board.  Don't apply glue too close to the edges.  For this step I used Elmer's Craft Bond Fabric & Paper Glue.  It's one of my favorite paper glues because it's tackier than white glue.  It's also acid free and dries clear.

Trim any areas of paper that overlap the edge of the mounting board.

This photo shows the finished mounting board with the background paper, frame, and photo.  It's time to dress it up with a few added touches!

Using my heart-shaped paper punch, I made a few hearts out of red, textured scrapbook paper.

A few punched hearts were added to the design with glue.  I also glued mini buttons in the center of the hearts to add a little fun and whimsy.  Once the glue dried completely, it was ready to display in the paperweight.

When you're piecing together your own paperweight design, just think of it as scrapbooking in miniature.  You can use many of the same materials and techniques.  You just have a smaller area to work with.

If you use any materials that include glitter, be sure to remove any loose particles with a brush or a few gentle puffs of compressed air.  This will help prevent glitter from floating free inside the paperweight.

What are you working on?

We'd love to see what you've been working on!  Are you creating paperweights for Valentine's Day or an upcoming event?  Please share your photos on our Facebook page.