A Glammed Up, Girlie Paperweight That's Seriously Easy to Make

Whenever I pass by a Target store, I'll often stop to pick up a few things so I can look through their selection of Papyrus greeting cards.  These cards are very well designed, decorated with all sorts of embellishments, and perfect for creating some seriously cute paperweights.


For this project you'll need a greeting card and a paperweight kit.  The card used in the example is a birthday card from Papyrus ("Four Girls Playing Dress Up", papyrusonline.com)  Because I wanted to include as much of the design as possible in the paperweight, I used the largest paperweight kit we have available (PhotoWeights: Large Rectangle).

Each paperweight kit includes a pre-cut, self-adhesive mounting board.  Simply apply the adhesive side of the board to the back of the design and cut any paper that extends beyond the edge of the board.  The board is rigid, so it will act as an excellent cutting guide.  The photo above shows the artwork already mounted to the board.

A word about glitter.  I'm not a big fan of glittery greeting cards because the glitter can get everywhere - your hands, clothing, face.  Before you assemble your paperweight, I recommend removing any loose glitter by running a dry cloth or brush over the design.  A few gentle puffs from a can of compressed air will work nicely, too.

Before you begin this step, clean your paperweight with a streak-free glass cleaner.  After you check to make certain there are no smudges or dust particles on the glass, place your artwork face-down into the recessed are on the bottom of the paperweight.

For the finishing touch, cover the base of the paperweight with the pre-cut, self-adhesive bottom pad that's included in your paperweight kit.

Greeting card paperweights are perfect for holiday gifts because there are so many card designs to choose from.  As you can see, they're also a breeze to make.


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