Capture Your Summer Memories in a Glass Paperweight

When my husband and I travel, I always keep an eye out for just the right souvenirs to bring home to family and friends. As you've probably experienced, finding the right mementos can be a challenge because so many souvenir shops are stocked with key chains, magnets, T-shirts, and other kitschy items that lack style and character.

If you're traveling with children, visiting a souvenir shop comes with a special set of challenges. Stuffed animals, puzzles, and other colorful, tempting merchandise are placed right at a child's eye level, making tears and tantrums a very real possibility.

Some of the best travel mementos can't be found in any store.  They may be stuck deep in your jeans pocket, buried in your purse or wallet, or hidden on your digital camera!

You can easily personalize PhotoWeights paperweight kits with tickets, maps, postcards, tokens, pressed pennies, hotel stationery anything you may have collected along the way.  Glass paperweights can also turn a favorite vacation photo into a treasured keepsake.

So when something pulled off a rack or shelf won’t do, create a souvenir paperweight that tells your personal story!  Here are a few designs ideas to show you how.

Using Photographs

Bring life to a favorite vacation snapshot and relive the moment by turning the image into a keepsake paperweight for your desk.  (Shown: Oval Paperweight Kit)

Preserving Small Mementos

We made the shell paperweight pictured above using a photograph as the background, adding text to the image before printing.  We glued the shell directly to the image.  (Shown:  Heirloom Dome Paperweight Kit)

Maps, Tickets, Playbills, Etc.

Look for scraps of printed items you've collected and haven't had the heart to throw away.  This paperweight pairs a New York City MetroCard with a map of the New York City Subway system.  (Shown: Large Rectangle Paperweight Kit)

What's the wildest or wackiest vacation experience you've ever had?  What item do you have from that experience?  Leave your comments below.  We'd love to hear from you!

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