Collection of Low Profile Skeleton Keys from K&Company

One of the many memories I have of my grandmother's house, a small bungalow just outside Los Angeles, is a collection of decades-old keys that hung in a kitchen cabinet, seemingly forgotten.  Perhaps the only thing they opened was a memory or two - a first car, her childhood home, maybe a key she brought with her from Germany when she was a child.  What I would give for those keys now!

Skeleton keys are among my favorite items to use in my paperweight designs.  Unfortunately, many keys have a profile too deep to fit the interior of several PhotoWeights paperweight styles.  This is why I wanted to share a recent find that offers the look of timeworn keys while providing a low profile and a flat surface that make them easy to adhere to fabric and paper.  The set is called Life's Journey Keys Metal Art (565227) by K&Company.  (UPC 643077565227).

The "Life's Journey" collection includes ten different keys that range from 1.5" to 3.5" long with a thickness of 1/16" - 1/8", depending on the style.  The finishes include aged brass, copper, and steel.  The photo above shows the depth of one of the keys in the collection.

These keys are perfect when displayed alone on scrapbook paper.  You can also use them to create mixed media vignettes for your paperweights.

If you need some inspiration for your paperweight designs, visit a local craft store to see all the different metal art and embellishments available these days.  Bring a paperweight with you to help you envision how items will appear and fit within the display area.


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