Paperweights Made With Vintage Cigar Labels

I love vintage cigar labels because they are true works of art that often feature beautiful fonts, flourishes, and gold embossing.  Because they can often be purchased for just a dollar or two each, they're also an affordable way to transform a "blank" paperweight into an attractive desk accessory any cigar aficionado can appreciate.

The labels I used are a recent find from an antique fair in Long Beach, CA.  When looking for labels for your own projects, here's a hint.  Bring one of our product brochures with you, along with a ruler, so you'll have the measurements for each paperweight style on hand.  This will allow you to check whether or not a label with fit into a paperweight's display area.  If you don't have one of our brochures, click here to request one.

The photo above shows the finished artwork ready to display in the paperweights.  The mounting board for each paperweight kit was covered with a clipping of scrapbook paper in shimmery bronze. The labels were attached to the bronze background paper with double-sided tape film.  I prefer using tape film because it very thin, allows the labels to lay flat, and doesn't require time to dry.

Once the artwork is complete, place the mounting board (image side down) within the recessed area on the bottom of the paperweight.  Cover the base of the paperweight with the bottom pad that's included with each paperweight kit.

See our illustrated, step-by-step instructions at PhotoWeights.com.


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