Valentine's Day Paperweight - Amour Ribbon with Heart Locket

With Valentine's Day exactly one month away, I thought it was the perfect time to bring you a romantic design idea.  This design is very easy to create and doesn't require a lot of materials.

What you'll need:  Ribbon, Locket, Background Paper, Paperweight Kit (Heirloom Dome), Hot Melt Glue

For this project I used fabric ribbon with Amour written in script (French General by Jolee's Boutique, Dots Words Ribbons).  The locket is new (a charm from Michael's Bead Landing collection).  If you prefer, you can use an antique locket instead.  These can often be picked up at flea markets for $5-10 in fair condition.  The red background is a sheet of textured scrapbooking paper.

After the background paper was applied to the adhesive mounting board (included with each PhotoWeights paperweight kit), I created a bow by forming a closed loop with a smaller loop circling the center.  The bow and tails were applied to the background with hot melt glue.

The locket was glued in place just beneath the bow.  I also glued the ends of the ribbon tails to the background, toward the edge of the round board, making sure to leave a little slack to give it a free-flowing appearance.  The edges of the ribbon were turned underneath the mounting board and glued in place to complete the design.

Once the design was finished, it was applied to the adhesive side of the bottom pad (included with each PhotoWeights paperweight kit), making sure to center it.  The black bottom pad may be seen in the photo above.

The final step is placing the design face-down onto the bottom of your paperweight so the applied decoration fits into the bottom recess.  Press the outside edge of the adhesive bottom pad to secure.

Are you working on some Valentine's Day designs of your own?  Please email your photos to me at susan@photoweights.com, or post them to our Facebook page at facebook.com/photoweights.  We'd love to see what you've been creating!


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