Conversation Hearts Paperweights

Our inspiration for the Conversation Hearts Paperweights obviously came the beloved Valentine's Day confection.

These paperweights are incredibly easy to make on your own with a personalized message.  The glass heart paperweight may be purchased on our website:  Heart Paperweight Kit

Step 1

In a word processing or publishing program, draw a 4" square box and fill with a color of your choice.  We used traditional Conversation Heart colors for the background and text.  Here are the color codes we used:

  • Yellow - #FFFF9D / RGB 255, 255,157
  • Lavender - #CD99CD / RGB 205, 153, 205

Step 2

Layer text over the colored box and center it.  Keep the shape of the heart paperweight in mind, as it substantially narrows on the bottom.  We used the following font and font color:

  • Arial, 24pt.
  • Color Code - BD0945 / RGB 189, 9, 69

Step 4

Print the artwork on a good quality photo paper.  Once dry, finish each paperweight using the instructions that come with each PhotoWeights paperweight kit.

What kind of conversation will your paperweight start?

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