Snow Globe Paperweight... Shake it Up!

During a recent visit to a local craft store, I discovered a very pretty set of snow globe stickers from K&Company (SW Botanical Snob Globe Stickers).  As soon as I saw them, I knew they'd be perfect for creating instant snow globe paperweights.

The set of stickers (shown above) includes 13 pieces that feature the watercolor paintings of Susan Winget. The pieces include a large snow globe sticker (2 1/4"), four smaller snow globe stickers (1 7/8"), and eight small, coordinating stickers.

For this project I used the 2 1/4" snow globe sticker.  Because it was slightly smaller than the paperweight kit's mounting board, I covered the mounting board with coordinating paper. (The Paper Company, Metallic Cover 12 x 12, Blue Bell).

The snow globe sticker was applied directly to the colored paper on the mounting board.  Here's a tip.  If your snow glob sticker has an unsmooth edge.  Use a pair of scissors to carefully trim any jagged areas.  Just be sure not to open the seam.

Here's how the paperweight is assembled:

Figure 2:  Place your artwork image-side down into the recessed area on the bottom of the paperweight.

Figure 3:  Cover the base of the paperweight with the pre-cut, self-adhesive bottom pad.  This piece is also included with each paperweight kit.

I love this paperweight because it has a lot of beauty and sparkle.  When it's on my desk, it's hard to resist picking it up and shaking it throughout the day. 


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