Wedgwood Cabochon Paperweight

Sorting through mountains of costume jewelry is like therapy for me.  If you have the time and patience for it, I'd highly recommend it.  Just mind the brooches.  Getting poked by sharp pin is no fun at all.

The Wedgwood cabochon I used for this project came from the heap of costume jewelry pictured below.  It's a nice piece that set me back $2.00, a bargain for any fan of Wedgwood Jasperware.

Most cabochons sold by jewelry suppliers and craft store are made of resin.  This is why I prefer to go vintage.  Not only is the quality much higher, there are also so many gorgeous designs out there to choose from.  You can also choose to leave a cabochon in it's metal frame, or gently pry it out.  Just keep in mind that everything has to fit inside the recessed area on the bottom of your paperweight.

For this project I used a Round paperweight kit.  I also cut a small piece of paper from my "Old World Stack" book by DCWV.  I chose a cream colored baroque pattern that didn't distract from the Wedgwood blue.

After applying the paper to the round mounting board that was included in the paperweight kit, I trimmed the paper to fit.  The piece of Wedgwood was mounted directly to the background with tacky glue.

Once the glue dried completely, the paperweight was finished by placing the mounting board, Wedgwood side down, into the recessed area on the bottom of the paperweight.  A piece of self-adhesive velvet, also included in the paperweight kit, was applied over the base of the paperweight to finish.


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