Wallpaper Paperweights Made With Scraps and Samples

I'm often asked about the types of items that can be used to create easy paperweights as gifts that look as though they came out of an elegant boutique.  Wallpaper is among my favorite things to recommend.

Wallpaper is available in an endless variety of designs, textures, and colors.  In addition to current patterns and reproductions, it's also possible to find samples from each decade dating back more than a century.  Turning these vintage scraps into paperweights is a wonderful way to save and display these printed treasures.
If you're shopping for patterns in the store, and don't want to purchase a full roll, ask the clerk if it would be possible to order a sample.  If you have your heart set on something truly vintage, I'd recommend Ebay.  While vintage paper may turn up at tag sales from time-to-time, Ebay will likely have hundreds of listings for you to choose from.


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