Glass Dragonfly Paperweight with Script Background

Whenever I find myself at Michaels, I spend the longest time looking through their selection of charms and pendants.  With so many to choose from, it's hard to limit myself to just two or three.

Some of my favorite pendant designs are by Bead Landing, a brand exclusive to Michaels.  Deco Chic, Bead Corner, and Industrial Chic are a few other lines with unique, interesting pieces.

It's easy to design a paperweight around a pendant.  The most difficult hurdle is choosing one that will fit your paperweight's display area, especially the depth.  Here's a tip...  Bring your paperweight to the store with you so you can see exactly how the pendant will look under glass.

The silver dragonfly paperweight was simple to assemble and cost just $5.50 for materials, in addition to the cost of the paperweight kit.  Here's how it was made:

Materials (above):  Deco Chic dragonfly pendant (Item #DC19923-101, Hirschberg Schutz & Co., Inc.), Script Cream scrapbook paper (Recollections, Michaels Stores), Dome Paperweight Kit (PhotoWeights).  You'll also need a hot melt glue gun.

Cover the round, self-adhesive mounting board (included in the paperweight kit) with a small piece of the scrapbook paper.  When finished, trim any paper that extends beyond the edge of the board.  Apply the pendant directly to the paper with hot melt glue.

Once the glue is has cooled, place the mounting board in the center of the adhesive-side of the bottom pad (also included in the paperweight kit).  Press gently around the pendant to ensure a tight bond.

After you've cleaned your paperweight with streak-free glass cleaner, finish by applying the bottom pad to the base of the paperweight.  Press along the outside edge to secure.

If you're into vintage, try using antique ephemera in place of the scrapbook paper.  A vintage postcard or advertising would make an excellent background. Be on the lookout for buttons, tokens, and pieces of antique jewelry to complete the look.  I recommend browsing through boxes of small, inexpensive baubles at antique shops and swap meets.  You never know what you'll find!


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