Finding Inspiration in the Bottom of a Junk Box

On the third Sunday of each month, you can usually find me pulling my vintage shopping cart through the aisles of the Long Beach Antique Market in Long Beach, California.  This time I was on the lookout for old Valentine's Day cards.  I also came across a few bags filled with other goodies that I'm sure will take me a couple hours to sort through.

If you create paperweights to sell in your shop or sell on Etsy, and occasionally have a difficult time dreaming up new designs, it's easy to find inspiration in boxes filled with miscellaneous trinkets and baubles.  Some dealers even specialize in selling odds-and-ends and have them categorized into groups such as scrabble letters, pinbacks, poker chips, tie clips, wooden bingo card markers, watch faces, etc.

You'll be surprised how many design ideas you can get just by looking through a box of junk.

This week I'll post several paperweight designs I create using items I found in Long Beach last weekend.


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