Antique Puzzle Game Paperweights

Because hand-held, antique puzzle games are getting more and more difficult to find, I was thrilled to come across this Old Funny Face game from the 1920s for just $1.00.  It's a simple piece that includes a man's profile printed on a paper board, less the line for his nose.  In place of his nose, there's a metal chain that can be moved to form different shapes.

This puzzle, I thought, would make a perfect paperweight.  Not only do I love the simple, vintage graphics, I also love the fact that the game can still be played within the paperweight.

I chose the Heirloom Rectangle paperweight kit for this project because has enough of a recess to allow the chain to move freely.  It was also large enough for the card to fit with only a slight trim.

Because the card wasn't large enough to cover the entire mounting board, I applied black paper to the paperweight kit's mounting board.  The next step was to apply the card to the mounting board with tacky glue. (The finished mounting board is pictured above.)

Once the glue dried completely, the mounting board (game attached) was placed face-down into the bottom recess of the paperweight.  The velvet bottom pad, also included with the paperweight kit, was applied over the base of the paperweight to secure.


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