Turn a Papyrus Halloween Card Into Three Adorable Paperweights

When I saw this Papyrus card in the store, I immediately pictured individual paperweights with a background for each character.  I love the results.  I hope you do, too.

The card (Papyrus - Halloween Icons, available at some Target stores) features a black cat, puppy, and an owl.  Each piece is made of felt with added embellishments - including a red, rhinestone collar for the cat.  At a cost of $6.95 for the card, you're paying a little more than $2.30 for each character which is truly a bargain.

Here's how I created these three paperweights:

The first step is to remove the felt characters from the card.  Do this as gently as possible to prevent them from being damaged.  Be especially careful with the owl's two delicate, die-cut feet.

Let's start with the black cat...

When I think of black cats at Halloween, I picture them sitting on a front porch surrounded by pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns.  I thought this would be the perfect background.  Here's the easy peasy part.  I simply looked through a couple magazines and found the perfect photo.  Doesn't she look right at home?

I used the Heirloom Rectangle Paperweight Kit for this project.  The magazine photo was set on the adhesive side of the mounting board (shown above) and any paper that extended beyond the board was trimmed.  The cat was glued to the background with white glue.

Now for the owl...

For the fuzzy, little owl I used the greeting card's envelope to create an orange background.  Because I placed him in a dome paperweight (Dome Paperweight Kit - 1/2" Recess), I wanted to keep the background clean and simple.  Again, I used white glue to apply the owl to the background.

Last but not least, the puppy...

The background I used for the puppy is actually a Jimmy Dean magazine ad.  There was just enough space for him to fit right between the van and the text.

The background includes a photograph of real grass next to a paved area that's somewhat cartoonish.  It reminds me of the new children's shows that combine realiastic backgrounds with animated characters.  A little white glue will set him in place. By the way, I used the Round Paperweight Kit for the puppy. 

I hope these three designs will inspire you to create a Halloween paperweight of your own for your workspace, party, or as a gift.

Next week I'll post some fun, ghoulish paperweight designs that will grab anyone's attention.