Silhouette Halloween Paperweight - Witch & Owl

Because October is just three days away, I thought I'd bring you a Halloween project that's quite simple to put together.  It was created with PhotoWeights' Large Round Paperweight Kit using a Papyrus greeting card (Halloween Moon Silhouette, available at some Target stores).  The only other supplies you'll need include a pair of scissors and paper glue.

The greeting card (show above) features iridescent, hot foil paper placed behind a black silhouette.  The iridescent paper changes color when moved which really brings the design to life.

The first step in creating this paperweight is easy.  Cover the self-adhesive surface of the mounting board with the iridescent paper.  (A mounting board is included with each PhotoWeights kit).  Trim any overlapping paper.  The end result is shown above.

Lay the silhouette over the mounting board to determine which areas of the silhouette you would like to be seen in your paperweight.  Trim the silhouette leaving some extra paper for the final trim which will be done later.

Apply a small amount of glue to the reverse side of the silhouette and place it directly to the iridescent paper on the mounting board.  Once the glue has dried completely, trim any areas of black paper that extend beyond the mounting board.

Once these steps are complete, your paperweight may be finished by placing the artwork face-down onto the bottom of your paperweight.  The final step is applying the velvet bottom pad (included with each PhotoWeights kit) to the base of the paperweight.

Do you have any ideas for Halloween designs?  Please leave a comment and let us know.  We'd love to hear from you!