Craft Paperweights With Vintage Sewing Notions

I recently purchased a box of antique and vintage sewing notions I thought I'd put to excellent use to show you how easy it is to turn something simple into a unique accessory for your desk.  For you Etsy store owners, these are also perfect for resale.

For this project I chose a vintage card with three rows of metal hooks held in place by stitches of black thread.  The printed graphics, imperfect stitches, and the dimensional hooks look incredible under glass.  Instead of using a card of hooks or fasteners, you can also complete this project with a card of buttons.  Just make sure whatever you use isn't too thick to fit into the recessed cavity on the bottom of the paperweight.

Because the card wasn't large enough to cover the paperweight's mounting board, I applied a scrap of green background paper that matched the graphics.  The paper was placed on the self-adhesive side of the mounting board and the excess material was trimmed.

The card was glued to the mounting board (covered with green paper) using Aleene's Tacky Glue.

Once the glue dried completely, any portions of the card that went beyond the edge of the mounting board were trimmed.

For this project I used the Heirloom Rectangle paperweight kit.  The mounting board (with applied card) was placed face-down into the recessed area on the bottom of the paperweight.  I finished by applying the velvet bottom pad.

I'll be posting another paperweight project today that's a little more complex.  Which one is your favorite?


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