Antique Sewing Scissors With a Clip of Vintage Ribbon

One of my dearest friends celebrated her birthday last weekend.  She's collected antique sewing notions as long as I can remember.  Therefore, I thought I'd create a distinct paperweight that would add a touch of home to her office.

I purchased these antique sewing scissors years ago because I loved the patina of the metal and the delicate design of the handles.  When I placed them on a decorative background and added a clip of vintage ribbon, the scissors were transformed into something truly special.

This project required the Large Rectangle paperweight because of the area required to display the scissors.  I also used K&Company's 'Teal Floral & Letter Flat Paper' from their ancestry.com collection.  (Most craft stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics carry more than 100 different paper designs sold by the sheet.)   To add a little more interest to the design, I added some vintage ribbon.

The photo above shows the mounting board (included in each paperweight kit) with the decorative paper applied.  I used Liquid Fusion, a clear urethane glue, to adhere the scissors to the background.  The piece of ribbon was added last.

Here are a few tips:

Prior to gluing items to your background, arrange them a few different ways and view them under the paperweight before commiting to a layout.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to selecting the right glue for your project.  You should use an adhesive that's designed for the materials you're working with (metal, wood, glass, plastic, etc.).  You should also consider damage the glue may cause to the items you're displaying if they have monetary or sentimental value.

I hope this paperweight will inspire you to look for a small treasure the next time you're at an antique shop or a tag sale.  Perhaps you already have something hidden in a box or a drawer.

What kind of curiosities can you think of that would look great in a paperweight?  We'd love to hear your ideas!


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