Seahorse Paperweight - Displaying a Specimen in a Glass Dome Paperweight

I love displaying dimensional items in dome paperweights because the magnification has such a rich, 3-D effect.

Last weekend I purchased a small box of shells that included a seahorse skeleton. I thought this would be a nice specimen to show you how easy it is to create a magnificent paperweight using an item that has some dimension to it.

For this project I chose a dome paperweight with a 1/2" bottom recess (PhotoWeights: Dome 1/2" Recess). This features an interior cavity (display area) that will accommodate an item up to 1/2" thick. In order to determine how much of a recess your item will require, simply measure the thickest point and add enough extra space to accommodate your background material, mounting tape, glue, etc.

My supplies:   Paperweight kit (PhotoWeights: Dome 1/2" Recess); background paper (Jen Wilson Carefree "Graceful" Beautiful Blue Paper #291049); hot glue gun; seahorse skeleton.

The photo above shows the finished assembly.  The mounting board was covered with decorative scrapbooking paper that included a few shades of ocean blue.  The seahorse was glued directly to the scrapbooking paper with a hot melt gun.  Once this step was finished, the mounting board was placed directly to the adhesive side of the black bottom pad.   The assembly is now ready to apply to the bottom of the paperweight (pictured below).

What kind of interesting treasures can you think of to display in a paperweight?  Please share your ideas... the sillier the better!

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  1. beautiful project. I'm a fishery scientist and head a professional society. I've been searching for a way to 'acknowledge' our rotating Chapter Presidents. I'd like to create something exactly like this, using one of my fish specimens. Thank you for the blogpost.


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