Photographing Pets

I wanted to share the following article from the April 17, 2011 issue of Woman's Day.  I hope these tips will help you take more incredible photographs of your pets.

Better Pet Portraits
-Brooke Nevils

Take pet photos that are the cat's meow with these tips from Steve Grubman, photographer of Friskies and Alpo ads and author of Orangutans Are Ticklish.

Turn off the flash  It can frighten your animal.  Plus, there's no easy way to get rid of red-eye, says Grubman.  Instead, shoot in a place with plenty of natural light.  If your pictures come out blurry, use a higher ISO setting, which allows you to take clearer photos with no flash.

Let Fifi be the location scout  It's best to capture your pet in her favorite hangout spot, doing her own thing.  "Putting your animal in an uncomfortable or unfamiliar setting for the sake of a picture is destined to fail, because she can become skittish and withdrawn," explains Grubman.

Get on Fluffy's level  Shooting on hands and knees - from your pet's perspective - helps your furry friend connect better with the camera.  "People tend to take snapshots from a human's point of view, looking down on their pet, which can make a photo seem impersonal," says Grubman.

Focus on the eyes  "Animals talk with their eyes," says Grubman.  "It's how they tell us if they are fearful or excited or content."  Focus the lens there, and you'll instantly capture your pet's personality - and make your picture feel more dynamic.

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  1. These are brilliant suggestions. I believe this would work when taking pictures of toddlers, too....


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