Fender Guitar Pick Paperweight

It's easy to display small mementos in your paperweights.  In most cases, you'll just need a background to attach your item(s) to.

I have to give my husband credit for this project.  He was playing his guitar in his office this morning when I asked him if he had an idea for today's blog post.  He grabbed a package of Fender guitar picks, a royal blue presentation bag, and an Heirloom Rectangle paperweight kit.  The result is pretty impressive.

When it comes to backgrounds, I prefer using decorative paper or fabric applied directly to the mounting board.  You could also apply a small piece of painter's canvas, wood veneer, or other sheet material.

If you'd like a background with the look of velvet, our velveteen presentation bags are an excellent option.  These are available in eight colors (shown above) and include enough fabric to cover two mounting boards.

Before you attach items to the background, you'll need to decide if it's important to preserve them without causing any damage.  If this is the case, be sure to use a non-permanent adhesive that won't result in discoloration or scarring.

You should always allow any wet adhesives to dry completely prior to finishing and sealing the back of your paperweight.

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  1. Very cool!! My son plays guitar and this would be a cool gift idea. I just saw an ad for your paperweights in an old Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, looked up your website and then came to your blog. I'll hopefully be placing an order soon.


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