Repurpose Vintage Linens to Create Paperweights with Cottage Style

Last summer I purchased a huge box of old linens from a rummage sale for just a few dollars.  Most of the pieces were torn, tattered, and stained.  Among these imperfections, though, were charming embellishments in the form of embroidered flowers, woven patterns, monograms, and other delicate works of art.

While unfolding an antique dresser scarf, I discovered a hand-stitched initial; a singular work of art that had been created nearly a century ago.  This treasure has now been captured in a paperweight (PhotoWeights: Heirloom Rectangle), creating a charming paperweight that will lend some cottage style to any desk.

Each PhotoWeights paperweight kit includes the paperweight, mounting board, and velvet bottom pad you'll need for this project.

A tattered, stained piece of linen may hold hidden gems.

Place your pre-cut, self-adhesive mounting board on the back of the fabric and cut any overlapping material.  Use a liquid seam sealer to prevent the edges from fraying.

Place the fabric/mounting board face-down onto the bottom of the paperweight.
Cover the base of the paperweight with the velvet bottom pad.


  1. I love the idea of using vintage and antique linens! I have always put my own artwork in the paperweights, but now I have a use for all the tattered textiles that I saved. :)

  2. Thank you for your comment, Lana. I hope you have fun creating paperweights with the fabric you've saved. Please be sure to let me know how they turn out.


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